Youtube Rock Cover Artists
Some of our favorite YouTube Rock Cover Artists

At rockwest we love all things music and we always enjoy when musicians pay tribute to legendary bands and classic songs. Just like everyone else in these times, we've been starved for live music and have turned to online collaborations and streaming events to get our fix.

We've spent many a night watching Youtube videos of amazing artists performing the songs we know and love. Sometimes it's a straight-forward cover focused on accuracy, other times it a completely new spin or unique interpretation. There's even a fair share of comedy thrown in. But regardless of the approach, we thank content creators around the world who share their experience with the music that shaped their lives.

In many cases their channels document their journey over many years where they've built a loyal group of subscribers and have amassed hundreds of millions of views but it is still fairly common to find something you haven't seen before. We hope our list gives you some fun new viewing experiences.

All statistics were derived from Youtube channel and video info as of July 2020

Brooke C

Brooke's greatest strength is her obvious passion for the bands she loves and the songs she chooses to cover. As you watch her rendition of Master of Puppets, she starts out aware of the cameras and thinking about the performance but soon she is deep in the song and taking us with her.

Channel Subscribers: 251K | Channel Views: 30.6M

Rock Chloe

When Chloe started her journey as a guitarist, she was young and inexperienced - a little sloppy with her chords and hesitant with her licks. Now she's confidently performing some of the most distinguished solos ever recorded by the likes of Jimmy Page and David Gilmour.

Channel Subscribers: 373K | Channel Views: 50M

Anna Sentina

Anna shows quite a variety of styles in her covers from Dua Lipa to Kelly Clarkson. She's serious about her gear, technique and has an extremely high level of overall musicianship. Check out her cover of Rush's instrumental YYZ and you will see what she's learned listening to rock legend Geddy Lee.

Channel Subscribers: 327K | Channel Views: 50.6M

Kyle Brian

As you listen to the spoken intro of The Number of the Beast, you see the motorcycle in the corner, Marshall stack to the side, golden locks and tattoo sleeves. You'll notice his drum kit is well worn as he adjusts his cymbals and dries his sticks. But can he play? Damn right he can!

Channel Subscribers: 122K | Channel Views: 18.4M

Gabriella Quevedo

In many ways, Gabriella was the inspiration for this story. From her videos as a young teenager 10 years ago, she was already quite accomplished. Today she performs masterpieces with her fingerpicking style that allows her to lay down basslines, melodies and even vocal phrasing on her guitar all at the same time. Checkout her performances of Love of My Life or Dream on and you will see this is a form of musical genius.

Channel Subscribers: 1.23M | Channel Views: 196.6M

Meytal Cohen

Meytal Cohen's success allows her to reach a high level of production value that is above many of the other artists here. We've got moving camera positions, bass pedal isolation and professional studio sound quality. But when it comes down to the drumming, it's the seemingly effortless ability to accurately reproduce many difficult songs that blows you away. Check out her cover of Rush's Tom Sawyer. We've seen this covered by dozens of drummers but this is a favorite.

Channel Subscribers: 1.5M | Channel Views: 289M

Mixed Up Everything

This band of four brothers from Australia knows how to jam out in their living room, but it's obvious that they really like to bring their music to their fans. Many of their videos are shot on location in parks, at the beach, on a riverside drive, or even busking on a downtown sidewalk. They perfom a great variety of music from bands such as STP, G&R, Soundgarden, Green Day, Silverchair. Check out their cover of Metallica's instrumental Orion and watch the youngest brother do Cliff justice.

Also check out their latest original song and video release which features fans performances from around the world.

Channel Subscribers: 444k | Channel Views: 56.5M

Amy Lewis

When someone covers Joe Satriani's Satch Boogie for all the world to see and hear it could easily go wrong. But Amy has the pick harmonics down and her bends are all just right. Amy doesn't have a ton of content, subscribers or views compared to some of the other artists featured here and her posts have been infrequent for a couple of years, but things seem to be picking up again.

Channel Subscribers: 28k | Channel Views: 9M


When it comes to sound clarity and note for note accuracy, it's hard to beat Yujin. Check out her performance of Hotel California, including dual leads and harmonies, if you can find it. If not, here's a fun cover of Imagine Dragons 'Believer'.

Channel Subscribers: 305k | Channel Views: 13.2M


There's no doubt that YouTube's suggested videos help people find interesting and unique artists. From the commnets, there seems to be a bit of controversy regarding the effects and digital alteration that he may have used to cover such a difficult vocal such as 'Alone' by Heart. But switch over to his cover of Iron Maiden's 'The Trooper' and you'll get a more raw sense of truth. He even plays multiple guitar parts!

Channel Subscribers: 265k | Channel Views: 27.4M

Kristina Schiano

While all of these musicians obviously enjoy what they are doing, some take it to another level and make you wish you could be transported to a live show. Sometimes it's just the perfect song for the artist that makes all the difference. Any way you look at it, Kristina Schiano nails it with her cover of 'Bring Me to Life' by Evanescence. Enjoy.

Channel Subscribers: 1.25M | Channel Views: 144M

Leo Moracchioli

What does it take to get close to a billion views as a cover artist on YouTube? Leo Moracchioli of Norway's Frog Leap Studios has done more than any other artists we could find. How about a heavy metal version of Adele's 'Hello'? If that's not enough, maybe a rendition of 'Battery' that's heavier than Metallica? Madonna's 'Material Girl' sung by a hand puppet? Oh, and he plays pretty much every instrument.

Channel Subscribers: 3.9M | Channel Views: 969M