Yamaha Music School piano teacer with kids

Story by John Bongiovanni

Yamaha instruments represent excellence in so many ways, and the veteran musical instrument makers have musical education as one of their top priorities.

Music education has become the core of what Yamaha does, and they are committed to helping young people and musicians of all ages learn to play instruments and make music.

They have approximately six hundred thousand students of all ages world-wide, enrolled in their music programs all across the globe. Yamaha has developed a proprietary curriculum which assists them to teach the fundamentals of music to students in a collaborative parent child course.

Jazz, classical and even rock are all taught inside of these comprehensive programs, with piano studies being the most popular. As for the instruments taught, they encompass many genres, for example guitar is also taught at the schools. Students learn to hear, play, read, understand, and appreciate every aspect of music.

The big take away for Yamaha has become the life values they impart on each student from being involved in one of their music courses. Yamaha firmly believes that music teaches so many great things that are life encompassing. Learning most instruments teaches a student self discipline, self confidence, communication, collaboration and so much more. All the life skills that become the foundation of any successful career choice.

Lastly, as stated on the Yamaha Music School site: Research has shown time and again that intellectual, emotional, and physical development is positively and deeply impacted by music study. Yamaha Music School encourages the development of a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Find the course that’s right for you or your child at https://usa.yamaha.com/education/yms/index.html