Traci Hines in Disney princess dress near in-ground pool

Beyond Cosplay: Traci Hines talks about her first love, singing and songwriting

Traci Hines is well-known in the Disney cosplay world as being a real-life Ariel, The Little Mermaid. Classic fairytales like Sleeping Beaty and Peter Pan have helped shape who she is.

But look beyond the stories and fashion and you'll find that music is the foundation of Traci's art.

We caught up with Traci in a beautiful villa in San Marino where we explored the grounds, grabbed a few photos and talked to Traci about her life and work.

In our exclusive video interview Traci describes her influences and some of the challenges she has had to overcome to be the singer she always wanted to be.

Listen for some hints about her upcoming new album and colaborations.

Traci Hines in black dress with chains and spikes photographed in a luxury estate
Traci Hines in shorts and faux fur coat