Tail o the pup collage

Tail o' the Pup, come back to us

The iconic LA hot dog stand that was built in 1946, may have a new home very soon. The Pup made appearances in multiple movies, and TV shows. Around 1986, the stand was moved from it’s original location on La Cienega (and Beverly) to San Vicente Blvd. It’s been closed since December 2005 with several attempts to reopen it. The Pup lived in a Torrance warehouse for many years, until donated to the Valley Relics Museum (Chatsworth) in 2017. It’s condition was poor to say the least, but it’s memorable neon sign is still part of the package.

Tail o’ the Pup was declared a cultural landmark in 2006 by the city of Los Angeles. The stand was designed by architect Milton Black, and was owned by celebrity dance partners Frank Veloz and Yolanda Casazza. The husband and wife dance team were big stars in the 1030’s and 40s. Eddie Blake bought the stand in 1976. Blake’s grandson, Jay Miller inherited the Pup in 2017, He and his wife Nicole kept pursuing plans to bring the stand back to life.

Tail o’ the Pup was shipped off to Las Vegas for restoration in 2013, and was purchased by the 1933 Group, in 2018. The company plans to find a new location and reopen it soon, they would love a street facing plot near the original location. The hunt is on.

    Fun Facts:
  • Rick Caruso wanted to purchase the Pup for The Grove.
  • Tail o’ the Pup is 17 feet long.
  • It’s reopening in 1986, resembled a Hollywood premiere, with Jay Leno & Robert Wagner as emcees.
  • It was popular location for celebrities to be photographed in the 80’s.
  • Recently, The Bloc development in Downtown have been interested in hosting the Pup.

    Select Appearances
  • Columbo
  • Body Couble
  • L.A.Story
  • The Rockford Files
  • Adam-12
  • George Benson music video, Give Me the Night
  • V.I.P.