Princess Hilla smiling, in red floral dress

Princess Hilla: Inkmaster Season 8 alum talks tattoos and royalty

Hillary Santagata, also known as “Princess Hilla” has appeared on Paramount Network's Ink master and Ink Master Redemption television series. She also featured as the female American Tattooer for the Dr. Pepper One of a Kind Americans campaign.

Once upon a time… She got her start as royalty - quite literally, as a Princess for a Southern California theme park and resort. Through the magic of the arts she transitioned from a princess into a tattooer, not your typical fairytale progression, but for Hillary, getting a tattoo machine in her hands was a Cinderella glass slipper type moment.

Princess Hilla showinf tatoos on her arms

I try to make magic with each and every one of my clients by giving them not only a piece of living art… but I also try to make it more of an experience than a procedure.

Princess Hilla
Princess Hilla in white dress
Princess Hilla showing Snow White tatoo
Princess Hilla in beige skirt and top, showing tatoos on her back
Princess Hilla show her tatto of Amy Winehouse
Closeup of Princess Hilla's finger tatoos, spelling out princess