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Yes, there are too many streaming options but HBO max - is ready to fight

Recently, Disney+ joined the battle for your online streaming dollars and attention. The platform quickly proved that consumers still have an appetite for top caliber content. While Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video are entrenched and have tons of choices, we all know that it's sometimes still difficult to find something good.

So, just when you thought there couldn't be room for another entry into this crowded field, HBO max is launching on May 27.

HBO has a stellar reputation - producing quality original series, specials and movies for decades. HBO max will give you access to some of the hottest new shows (Run), new seasons of familiar favorites (Westworld) and all-time greats (Game of Thrones). Studios and networks that are part of the package include D.C. Comics, Cartoon Network, TNT and more.

To support the launch, there are new several new shows premiering including Anna Kendrick's Love Life.

With all that potential, it's going to be interesting to see how consumers react. Ironically, the biggest challenge may be within HBO's own brand. After all, they've had streaming platforms HBO Now and HBO Go for a while. What's the difference? WarnerMedia is now all in.