George L's Guitar Cables

January 22, 2016 | Story by John Bongiovanni | Photos Ralph Palumbo

There were the usual dealers at this year's 2016 NAMM Convention. Guitars, Drums, Big Band instruments, etc. But the one catching a lot of attention this year was George L’s. They were positioned upfront and center, and rightly so.

The company was founded by George L. Lewis over 30 years ago, and makes a superior cable product. One of the best ways to add tone and clarity to your rig instantly and take your sound to the next level, is maybe the most overlooked option-your instrument cable. For those of you that are not familiar with their top quality product, they are a company that is famous for their low capacitance, anti-stat, co-ax instrument cable. They come in two thicknesses (.155 and .225) and in spite of what seems like a relatively small diameter compared to other manufacturers, George L’s always hold up strong and usually surpass the quality of the others. And an additional note, they also make strings and pickups.

They make a multitude of high-quality straight and angled plugs in numerous metals like, Nickel, Brass (plated or un-plated) and Gold. And there is no shortness of color options with Vintage Red, Yellow, Black, Purple, Blue, White or Orange, it’s easy to customize not only the sound but the length and look of your cables. Purchases also come with rubber stress relief jackets which are particularly useful to keep the connection snug and secure.

The ingenious idea behind their product is that you get to custom-size your cable connections to allow for the proper pedal order/cable connections, or customize guitar cable length for example, because the connections are solder less. It's very easy to make cables that are the exact length that you need them to be, which is real helpful if you have a complicated pedal board, and the need to balance between having cables that are long enough to make the connections you need, and eliminating excess cable getting in the way. The wire is simply inserted into one of the tips, a screw holds the cable in place and grounds the connection, and voila-some of the purest sound you can buy. Your ears will instantly hear a big difference in the clarity, and, you will be impressed with how nice and quiet the cables are with virtually NO hum. The end result-the sound is clear and uncolored. The obvious advantage of using this product is that being a solder less design, in the event that you have some kind of short with the cable or the plug, you simply cut the end off and assemble the plug again. It takes all of one minute to be up and running again. In my experience, I have had less problems with their connecting system than I have had with traditional soldered guitar cables. I personally own a cable that was assembled over 10 years ago and used 2-3x a week live, and never has shorted or needed to be cut and re-inserted. They are ultra reliable.

Add to all of this information, their roster of artists’ artists is quite impressive with Eric Johnson arguably being their most high profile user.

If you are serious about improving your tone, I highly suggest you start with George L’s cable products.

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