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The Boston rockers are back in the studio with Steve Thompson, recording new tracks for the follow-up to their successful debut Lost in The City.

RW – Tell us how & when the band formed and is there a main influence(s) that helped shape your sound?

SHAUN SOHO (vocals) – The band has been around for a while now, really since the late 2000's.

BO (bass) – Alex, Shaun and I have been playing together for several years. Although you wouldn't know it from the last show we did for Indee Asylum where Alex got a black eye from backing into Shaun throwing his mic stand around.

ALEX Donaldson (lead guitar) – As far as influences we took a lot from 70s punk ala Johnny Thunders and blues rock artists like Aerosmith and the Stones.

SOHO – Yeah those are some of our biggest influences right there along with a band called Hanoi Rocks that we actually gave a nod to with the title of our debut album Lost in The City.

RW – What’s it like being hailed as the next Guns N’ Roses... and what's it like working with legendary producer Steve Thompson?

SOHO – Those are some pretty big shoes to fill. It's cool to be mentioned in the same breath as one of the bands that got us into playing music. Our biggest challenge as a band, I think, is to live up to labels people are putting on us ...from a writing perspective all the way to the live show. Steve Thompson pushed us a lot to get there. He doesn't accept anything less than hitting that bar.

CHRIS BISHOP (drums) – Like Shaun said… It’s flattering to be compared to a band of that stature and impact, but can also lead people to pigeonhole you as a band and your sound. We are just trying to bring back the soul of the great rock bands of the 70’s, and give it a modern day twist for today’s listeners. Trying to recapture some of the magic that defined the golden age of Rock ’n Roll.

BO – My favorite thing is that the guy has not only worked with everyone, he’s written and played everything too. So you know that when he’s asking you to try something, it’s not because it’s the only thing he knows how to do; the exact opposite really. He’ll push you in unexpected ways which is the only way to get new ideas.

ALEX – Working with Steve has been awesome. We really took our time with the guitar tones over at Vegas View Recording with Bobby Ferrari and all the guys there. And I am very happy with the result.

RW – We hear you’re in the studio now, what are you working on and where are you recording?

SOHO – We're working on three new songs this recording session with another session coming up this winter, all with Thompson. These new songs are the first things I've felt like have really hit that mark we've always been going for as a band. They sound exactly like we've wanted Crash to be from all the way back to the early days.

BO – The entire project has been fantastic, the studio, all of Bobby’s guys, working with Steve. Being in such good hands has really let us relax and focus on playing.

CHRIS – I think we were all just really excited to see what we were capable of producing. This was the first time we were in the studio with the new lineup, and we had no idea what it would be like to work with someone of Steve’s caliber.

SOHO – We're doing the whole record at Vegas View Recording and after recording there this first time around, I can't imagine ever recording anywhere else. Bobby Ferrari runs the place and it has this incredible board and live room and just the combined experience of Ferrari and Thompson is pretty staggering.

RW – Tell us about your thoughts and process with recording Lost In The City?

SOHO – Lost In The City is a very important album to us. It's full of all the earliest songs this band wrote along with the best stuff we put together along our rise up to getting signed and everything. It's really the story of the beginnings of this band so it's really personal to all of us and it was a huge challenge to do those songs justice.

BO – We were all over the place getting it put together, New York, Boston, so much went into making it that I think it kind of reflects what we went through to make it and the journey we had while doing it.

SOHO – I think since those songs meant so much to us, there was a bit of a perfectionist thing going on while recording where we never felt that the material was being realized the way we knew it could be. Working with Steve Thompson now has taught us how to get it all the way there.

ALEX – Lost In The City was so much fun. We've been playing those songs for like a decade. It was cool to see how the songs evolved over time.

RW – Your single 151 is receiving national airplay - a goal for anyone that records music. What was it like to hear it on air for the first time?

SOHO – It's funny, 151 is one of our oldest songs so it had actually been on the radio, at least locally, for years before it finally made its way to national radio. What I love about the song though is even after all these years it still has that energy it had way back when we first started playing it. We just opened with 151 at a show in Hollywood and you can always feel the energy explode in the room when the song kicks in.

BO – I remember being really self-conscious about it when it was on during a radio interview we did, like should we reference it to the dj, ignore it, does this part sound good. It was kind of surreal.

RW – Tell us some dirt: What was it like touring with Sevendust and The Pretty Reckless? Standout shows?

SOHO – Sevendust was a great tour for us. We got to play some places with a ton of history behind them like The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan.

BO – Minot was one of the coolest places we played, probably because it was the backup location after a tornado ripped through a fair the day before and they weren’t expecting us but opened their doors to us anyway. So many good people out there.

SOHO – The Pretty Reckless and Adelitas Way tour was an even bigger one for us. We played huge venues and saw an even bigger reaction to our show than the Sevendust run. It was real cool seeing these young kids loving our songs especially having never even heard them before. It definitely validated that we had something special going on to see such an instant reaction and support. Even in the press too. The write-ups we were getting were almost embarrassingly glowing at times. It feels good to hear how much people support what you're doing.

ALEX – We had some great dates in Canada as well as a killer last show in New York City. Great venues and great bands and crew.

RW – Hard Rock is making a slow but steady comeback - what are your thoughts about the state of music today?

SOHO – There are finally some bands that I'm getting really into these days. Bands like The Struts make me feel like we're not alone out there trying to get away from all this disposable, generic crap that took over the airwaves for so long. Learn to play a damn guitar and write about something interesting. Too many bands were writing songs that were the equivalent of shitty action movies. It's nice to see some stuff more along the lines of Blue Velvets and Taxi Drivers coming out in the music scene.

CHRIS – Rock n’ roll will never die! We hear (and say) the same thing all the time… "Finally, some real rock music." And that’s not to blow our own horn. People are hungry for music with some actual content, but it is so hard to find in today’s music. Our hope is that people will embrace what we are doing, and we can help bring Rock n’ roll back to the forefront of music.

RW – What’s next for Crash Midnight?

SOHO – We're dropping our new single very soon. People are finally going to hear what we were up to with Steve Thompson in the studio last month. It's going to really turn some heads. This thing sounds both polished and raw at the same time, like Appetite For Destruction did back in the day. There's this energy that Thompson's able to capture in the studio that's so unique to his productions. We just can't wait for all our fans and the rest of the world to hear it.

BO – We’re looking forward to getting this single out and working on new music once again. We love the stuff on Lost In The City but it’s really exciting to be working on all these ideas that we’ve had kicking around for a while now and just haven’t had a chance to do anything with yet.