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Chicken Picks

Last week at NAMM, I came across the creator of Chicken Picks and asked what was so special about his product. I’d heard about Chicken Picks, and a lot of good things so I wanted the skinny.

I want a pick that has a smooth attack, feels comfortable in the hand and actually enhances tone. Most people really don’t get into the weeds and understand that picks can really affect your sound. Sometimes in a big way too.

January 29, 2017 | Story by John Bongiovanni

I’ve been partial to a particular brand for a long time now-gauge 2.0 and they are shaped similar with the beveled edge too. I just happen to like the feel of that angle at the attack point to the strings. The beveled edge of the pick allows the pick to glide effortlessly across the strings, and the material gives you much clearer and fuller articulate notes. After seeing that they had that bevel I love, I became intrigued and focused on the substrate, what exactly are these handmade picks made from?

Well, it’s a highly durable thermosetting plastic- and let me tell you it’s extremely hard. I was told these will never wear out, and I kind of believe them! And let me tell you, these pics are heavy, 2.2 and 3.5 millimeters thick to be exact. Pretty beefy yet comfortable. They also make another version called “Badazz III”, and are a bit thinner (2 to 2.7mm).

All in all I have to say, I enjoy these picks. I would maybe want the traditional shaped ones that they produce(“Shredder” I believe) to be a smidgen smaller in size, but that’s only a request, not really a concern. I’ve been using them for a solid 4-5 days now, and I have to say I do like them. They are quite comfortable for either strumming or single note improvising. If you’re into the gypsy jazz style, you’re going to love these. Check them out.