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10 Best Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Albums of All Time

#10 - Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction - Geffen Records - 1987

Maybe you set the needle on the opening track or pushed play on your cassette deck. Or maybe you heard it blasted over the PA at your local club or on your local radio station. In any case, 'Welcome to the Jungle' probably made an instant impression. It had been a long time since a band brought that kind of energy and musicianship to mainstream Hard Rock.

In 1986, many bands were pushing Rock in heavier directions like thrash or speed metal while others opted for the glam/hair metal style. Guns N' Roses were somehow neither but a little bit of both. In many ways they stayed firmly in the traditional Hard Rock lanes paved by bands such as Aerosmith but they also showcased a level of originality that set them apart.

With Axl Rose's distinctive vocals and Slash's bluesy guitar licks and musical hooks, GnR's Sunset Strip roots helped establish them as Hard Rock favorites around the world.

Tracks such as 'Night Train' and 'Paradise City' kept Rock fans coming while 'Sweet Child 'o Mine' broke through to mainstream Pop audiences. The band faced many often-reported problems over the years and they were never able to match the greatness of 'Appetite' but that doesn't diminish their accomplishment. You can't argue with the album's stunning success, including best selling debut album of all time with sales of over 30 million copies worldwide.