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Analysis Plus Pro Audio Cables and QiJack

Photos by Ralph Palumbo

Story by Phil Corio

February 20, 2019

This year at NAMM 2019, many of the big names in music invested heavily in showcasing their signature product lines and latest innovations. We spent a lot of time at the large booths of Fender, Gibson, PRS, and Orange. But, as usual, a few of the component and accessory manufacturers really caught our eye, including Analysis Plus.

Analysis Plus QiJack and coiled Pro Cable

This is a company that was founded in 1993 with team members holding advanced degrees in Electrical Engineering or Physics. In addition to their expertise with the electromechanics of audio, they make heavy use of computer simulation to validate their design and manufacturing process.

We spent some time learning about the superior technology and quality materials used in their Silver Oval Thin lines of Pro Audio instrument cables and connectors. What really grabbed our attention was the new, patent pending, QiJack. What makes this small but important component stand out from the pack is that, instead of relying on one or two flexible strips of metal to make the electrical connection with the cable's plug, the QiJack has two oval rings that surround the plug along the tip and sleeve, providing lower contact resistance along the length of the plug.

If you've ever struggled with faulty jacks that have bent or worn out connectors, you should give the QiJack a try the next time you are upgrading or cleaning your electronics. No matter how great your guitar, effects, and amp, you need quality cables and jacks to deliver the sound.

Visit the Analysis Plus website
Close up picture of Analysis Plus QiJack